What we got for our Birthday


We turned 20 years old a couple days ago and we thought that we would show you what we got. The things that we recieved were from our parents, grandparents and aunt. This is not a bragging post, it is simply to show you things that can be a great addiction to your wardrobe and jewelry collection.

So to start we are going to begin with the present our parents gave us. They gave us a Pandora Necklace that we have wanted for years.

contentIt is a simple silver necklace that is slightly thicker than the normal ones and it is called “Silver Necklace ESSENCE COLECTTION“.

We also got a bracelet from our group of friends but it is from a local jewelery in the town that we study in, so we can’t show it to you guys.

This ends the jewelery part of our presents. Now it is clothing time!

Sweater with a V neckline – Stradivarius

Skirt with skin effect  – Stradivarius

Squared Shorts – Stradivarius


Sweater with pearls on the wrist – ZARA


Grey Coat – ZARA

Saia pied-de-poule

Skirt pied-de-poule – MANGO

And this was what we recieved for our birthday!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Care & Cath


Back to School Clothing Haul


School starts and the weather gets colder too but meanwhile we go from summer clothes to winter clothes there is always that temperature where we are like “what am I GOING TO WEAR”. In order to help you guys we bring you some ideas of clothing.

Nothing is easier to throw on than a jumpsuit. We are big fans, jumpsuits are perfect for every ocasion.  Here we show you two that we completely fell in love with.





Jumpsuits are amazing but we also need some jeans and shirts that we can switch around with another pieces of clothing that we already have and make the old ones shine like they are new. So here are some more itens.



I have been strugling for a while to get the perfect white jeans and I have found them. As you put them on you feel free to strech but still have the perfect fit.



Other type of jeans that are super confortable when going back to school are the Mom Jeans, you use them with a cropped t-shirt or a simple t-shirt tucked in and you are good to go.



CROPPED BASIC T-SHIRT0264168250_2_1_1

These are two examples of t-shirts that you can wear with the jeans that we showed you before.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Care & Cath

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Books and Movies

Resultado de imagem para mamma mia 2

This past week we went to movies and saw the really antecipated movie “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”. It has been 10 years since the first one was released and it was pretty amazing the fact that they managed to get everyone from mthe main cast to participate in the movie which can something difficult to do due to several reasons, but they did it!

This a movie that many people from different ages will watch, from the younger to the older.

In the first movie, Sophie (Donna’s daugther) invites to her wedding three men that might be her father. By the end of she finds out who her dad and even thought the other two are not her dads she still shares a special connection with them.

In the second movie, Donna is no longer here and Sophie feels like it is her duty to fulfill her mother’s wishes to make their hotel amazing while dealing with her own problems that wil make her feel closer than ever with her mom.

It is an amazing movie and you guys should definately see it, if you are a fan of the first one this still as some of the same songs and it gives you a different perspectiv about the first, even though we were a bit disappointed that Donna wasn’t present in the movie.

Share with you thought with us about the movie!

Care & Cath

Our first BYMBA Y LOLA purchase


Resultado de imagem para bimba y lola

The beginnig of the school year is almost starting, for many that means getting a new bagpack but for us it means to invest in a bag that we can take, in our case, to college. Ever since high school we stoped using a bagpack and started to use a bag so it makes sense that we invest because we want it to be able to carry everything we need without being worried that it might break.

With this in mind before our last year of high school we bought a Longchamp that we used for 4 years, but as the time passed it started to break on the edges while the handle was still perfectly fine and then we decided to search for a bag that would offer the same strenght in the handle but had stronger edges.

We found that in a BYMBA Y LOLA bag and also found on a great time because it was on sale and we were able to buy before college began. We bought it online, we did the order on a Sunday morning and by Thursday afternoon it was here, so we can say that we are satisfied with the delivery.

This was the bag that we bought:

Large black shopper bag-181BBNY1C.T1000

It is called the “Large black shopper bag” and it costed 59€. If you want buy it, it is still avaliable.

Care & Cath

Our must have skincare products

Make-up and skincare

Hey everyone!

Today we are going to talk about our skincare routine and our must have products. Our routine is pretty simple because we have had problems with our skin (acne) and this are the products that don’t make us break out and actualy have positive effets.

When we wake up, we start by washing our face with cold water and then we use Bioderma Sébium Gel Moussant which cleans, purifies and limits the formation of imperfections. We also use this product at night before we go to sleep.

Bioderma Sébium Gel Moussant 

After cleaning our face with this, we put on  a moisturizing cream that also has SPF , this is Hyseke Solar SPF 50 Emulsion, we use this even if we are gonna aply make up to our face, which we don’t usualy do.

Imagem relacionada

Hyseke Solar SPF 50 Emulsion

When we do aply make up, the product that we use to take it of is Bioderma Sébium H2O Micellar Water.

Bioderma Sébium H2O Micellar Water

Because we have had acne treatment before, we usualy don’t break out that much, if we do the product that we use to “make it go away” is Benzac gel.

Imagem relacionada

Benzac 50mg/g gel

Lastly, but not less important is the lotion that we put on our body, this one is called  Garnier Ultra Suave Delicacy of Oats Moisturizing Body Milk.

Resultado de imagem para garnier ultra suave delicadeza de aveia leite hidratante

Garnier Ultra Suave Delicacy of Oats Moisturizing Body Milk


June 2018 Playlist



“Sometimes music is the only thing that gets your mind off everything else”

Hello everyone, it has been a while since we have posted something in here and as summer is approaching we hope to have more time to dedicate to this blog and to share our thoughts in here.

About sharing thoughts, sometimes we think to much and we need a escape from our own thoughts because they can be more hurtful to us than what other people say to us. Something that we can use for that is music, as quote presented to you before says. Music is something that we hear everyday in our lifes even if we aren’t listening to a song, life itself gives music, a example for that is our heartbeat.

Here is list of songs that we have been enjoying lately, because as it is exam time we need to focus while studying and music helps us do that.

  1. Pray // Sam Smith
  2. End game // Taylor Swift
  3. … Ready for it ? // Taylor Swift
  4. Where were you in the morning ? // Shawn Mendes
  5. In my blood // Shawn Mendes
  6. Back to you // Selena Gomez
  7. Bruises // Lewis Capaldi
  8. Let me go // Hailee Steinfeld
  9. Let me // Zayn

Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1184330813/playlist/2qA3apZdnnR6tbg1e9HvgH?si=qIfXgQITQt-VfPdvZl1oSg

I’ll be continuing to add songs throughout the month, hope you enjoy it!

Finaly SUMMER !!


image1 (8)

After a long year of hard work, we can say that we are finaly on vacation. But that also means that our first year of college has gone by. It is crazy to think that a year ago we were aplying to college and thinking that in a month or so we were going to be living alone in a different city.

Now everything is different, we already made friends, know the city but it will continue to be an amazing experience with a lot of exciting things still to come.

For everyone that is going what we went through a year ago don’t fear the future because it will bring amazing things, it is a new chapter in your life that it will full of ups and downs, there will be mental breakdowns, let me tell you we have had a few, being away from your family is hard but it will make you cherish the moments that you have with them so much more and they are always going to be there with you.

We are going to enjoy the two months of vacation, as you should, be with your family and friends, do exciting things, just enjoy yourself because by the time school starts you will be busy.

Enjoy your Summer !!